4 comments on “Bungie Sunday- A Recap on the Bungie Januarycast

  1. I cannot wait for this game. It looks like it will totally evolve the first person shooter genre, which in my opinion has become so stagnant and clone like. I am pre ordering this for PS4 soon as I think it will be probably one of the best games to come out this year, and sadly my PS4 library right now is not that impressive.

    • You should check out our group of guys on bungie.net the group is called catalyst and ruin by me. We will be on PS4 and will be working on doing a lot of things together in game. We are also looking at doing some podcast/article outside of game as well, building on my own blog.

      • Sounds good. Right now a few of us are looking to work on a podcast on the 31st. We are pretty much completely setting it up on bungie.net since its our best media right now. All of us are part of the group Catalyst.

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