5 comments on “Review: Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag (PS4)

  1. I swear I had some of those shanties in my head for days on end. I was bummed out they didn’t use them again in the Freedom Cry DLC. AC4 definitely benefited from being upscaled for the new consoles, especially with the draw distances. I was surprised by just how much I enjoyed AC4, especially for how much I really didn’t get sucked in to Revelations or AC3. Tail and chase missions still get a bit boring rather early though.

    • I still haven’t finished Revelations or AC3 either. Don’t plan to. They seem to be the low point for AC. Tail missions just suck, they need something else. The chase missions aren’t bad, can be challenging to plan a route on the fly.

      • Yeah, I don’t so much mind chasing people, but stumbling around for 10 minutes just to listen to some guy ramble on is not fun. Especially when I have to be so focused on not messing up the tail that I can’t even pay attention to what they’re talking about.

        Did you play the Freedom Cry DLC? I thought the story was good, but I was honestly surprised they didn’t try to do anything at all with it. It’s literally 9 missions of the exact same stuff I just did for 60 hours in the game itself.

      • I started it, but got distracted by some other games. I am finishing up Tomb Raider either today or tomorrow and then I’ll probably go back to AC for Freedom’s Cry. Still need to finish up getting max level of Neverwinter and I am beta testing a certain MMO from Zenimax Online Studios this weekend.

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